Wicked cool campaign tools that solve real problems
We're no strangers to the time and effort it takes to create and manage online campaigns; just tracking analytics can be a full time job, not to mention collaborating with clients, developers and third parties. That's why we're here -- to bring you all the tools you need to do your job more efficiently and with greater success so you can focus on what counts; engagement and conversion. Whether an Advertiser or Agency, small business or large, we've got you covered.

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Automate campaign delivery, anywhere Easily collaborate with colleagues & clients (More)
Built in social sharing & embedding No coding means you control everything (More)
Optimize & update any live campaign, on the fly Powerful analytics & report data filters (More)
Store and share media in your asset library Create, save & share campaign templates (More)
Collaborate on media, campaign approval, notificiations and more (Top)
Whether getting client approval, working with distributed team members or other 3rd parties, you manage everything in your secure account.
Build it and share the "live view" preview link When you create a campaign, you can preview what you will see when it's live. Share the link with anyone, and they can see the same thing, without ever having access to your account -- the fastest path to approval anywhere.
Invite users, set their role Set permissions at the campaign level to more efficiently collaborate without cluttering the inbox. People will only see the campaign you have invited them to in their own account, not yours. You have power over what someone sees and what they can do for each campaign.
Notify others of select campaign milestones Easily add anyone to important notifications such as before launch, launched, when it's ending and several other critical events that make campaign, client and budget management easy.
Automate any number of campaigns, over any time period (Top)
Your marketing calendar just became automated. Schedule campaigns to start and stop in the same location where they are embedded, and we'll do the rest. If you're managing several websites and clients, it puts powerful planning tools in your hands, all managed through your account.
Embed it once, we'll take care of the rest You can set campaigns to appear in chronological order for any amount of time. Already have the quarterly approved ads? Create them, schedule them, embed the first one and forget it. We'll notify you when one ends and the other starts. You can also optimize any of these campaigns, any time.
Set referring campaigns with gaps, or no gaps While you can set campaigns to overlap when they appear, you can also schedule them with gaps -- if you buy or sell website ad space, you can schedule any campaigns for yourself or a client on a specific schedule.
Dynamically update live campaigns from your account, without changing code (Top)
Whether it's an A/B test or an optimized modification to a live campaign, simply make the changes and re-launch. The updated campaign will automatically show anywhere the original was embedded.
On the Fly Updates We've made it easy to make any changes to a campaign even after it's launched; simply make your updates, re-launch it and the updated version will appear in the same location. When it comes to engagement optimization, no other solution gives you the power to do this without IT support.
Drag, drop, & define all campaign elements (without coding) (Top)
This is where the creative magic happens. Whether it's an Ad, Sweepstakes, Poll, Quiz, Survey, Contest or any other web based campaign, you control all the important stuff. Or, invite a creative to do it for you!
Drag & drop controls Drag a text box, image, social share option or any other control on your canvas and specify the behavior, look and feel. You control the behavior and you don't need to muck with code -- we do it for you in the background and our intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone.
IAB, Mobile & Facebook Create any type of campaign using industry standard sizes, or specify your custom campaign size. No other platform lays out the basics of these standards; just select your target campaign size and platform and create.
Everything you need for any type of campaign Whether it's a banner ad, contest or even a survey, any control you need to get user engagement in the same window can be added to a campaign including check boxes, radio buttons, tabs, images, an upload button, download button, video embed, audio file, buttons, text field and text boxes. For each property you define the behavior look and feel. Let your imagination run wild -- if a developer can do it, so can you without coding a thing.
Decide how & where people can share your campaign (Top)
Forget about mucking with API's and other code, just drag a share control onto your campaign, specify the content and you're up and running.
Add social sharing in a campaign, or in the campaign footer We've made it easy to include social sharing that include Facebook, Pinterest, Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and FriendFeed. Include these in the body of your campaign, or let users share from the campaign footer with a slide out window of options.
One-click Like In addition to share options, you can include a Facebook like with or without a counter. Others will see how many liked the campaign and all the statistics will show in your dashboard including the like IP address, channel and more.
Embedding Spread the love by letting users embed your campaign anywhere. If you've set referring campaigns, the entire series will start and stop on the dates and times you specify, anywhere it's embedded. So let them embed your first campaign without ever having to provide an updated embed code and see the engagement results, by URL, in your dashboard.
Get immediate feedback Let users send you an email right from your campaign. Whether it's a sales lead or general feedback, users can quickly send you a note within a campaign without ever leaving the page they're already on.
Powerful statistics tell you everything, slice, dice and export reports (Top)
You're probably used to managing a whole bunch of sites and spending time to consolidate all your clicks, views, engagement responses, shares and more. (sigh). We've integrated everything for you with customizable data easily pulled from your dashboard.
Analytics If it can be tracked, we grab it. Statistics include everything from impressions, to user filled in data, location and even clicks down to each control you've included in your campaign. Go ahead, slice and dice it, we'll deliver. We also include executive level charts so no need to build a presentation by scratch.
Report Filters Just want the engagement statistics for a particular campaign? Want to see which campaigns had the most impressions and participants over a certain time period? By Customer? Powerful filters let you find exactly what you're looking for.
Never 'lose' media, create and share campaign templates (Top)
Unless you manage the files on your servers, it's quite possible a media asset just plain 'disappears' from the original folder and users receive an error or broken media file. No longer; store your media in your account to search, preview and use in any campaign. Easily create approved campaign templates to share with just your team, or anyone.
Your library saves your stuff, templates ensure consistency Uploaded assets are available in your account for easy access so you can quickly add them to any campaign. In addition, here is where you will find campaign templates. If you have particular campaign or customer requirements, create a template and invite other users -- this creates efficiencies in creating and launching campaigns.
Reduce, re-use, recycle You can save any campaign as a template at any time. A powerful feature if you determine one campaign is performing well and you want to repeat the success. Also handy if you have a campaign running in the same online real estate -- just modify the template and save it to a new campaign or another template.