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One integrated social & marketing campaign platform that puts the power of speed to market in your control anytime and anywhere. Whether an advertiser or agency, large business or small, we've made it easy to create, collaborate, automate, manage and optimize campaigns to drive deeper engagement, more efficiently than ever before. Go ahead, put us to the test.
Let us create your campaign
Give us your campaign assets and criteria and we’ll build it for you.

Using the power of our platform, it's like being in the office next door. No fuss collaboration, approval and notifications that keep you in the know before, during and after campaign launch.
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White label
If you want to remove the default “powered by iSnazz” link on your campaign footer, contact us.

We can customize this feature by account so even if you work with multiple clients, you're good to go.
Remove the powered by? No problem!
Volume Pricing, Special Plans
It's a quick process to get you set up on a customized plan that works for you. Give us a shout, we're all about you.

Easy and painless -- that's what we're talking about.
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